Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas: Music, Lists, Decorating

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially talk about Christmas.

I love Christmas music. My husband loves it even more. He tries to listen to it before Thanksgiving and occasionally gets scolded for it by yours truly. What I don't like are the "new" versions of traditional songs. Don't mix up Jingle Bells to "make it your own", it's fine the way it was, but I understand wanting to sing the well known songs. Sometimes when singers make up their own Christmas songs, it's a little too cheesy for me. I like some of Mariah Carey's songs, and Brad Paisely's Christmas CD is pretty good. What do you listen to?

My Christmas list is pitiful this year. I couldn't decide what I wanted at all so it's pretty random stuff that made the cut. I need to stop buying things throughout the year, I guess. I sent my mother-in-law on a wild goose chase for specific colors of nail polish for my stocking. Who knew they would be so hard to find? My husband always asks for practical things. And by practical, I mean boring. For example, he wants a new mirror for his car because his driver's side one is cracked. Who asks for that for Christmas?! Aren't you supposed to put fun things on your list? He must not have gotten the memo. Remember when you were a kid and making a list was easy? You could thumb through the ads in the paper and have a list worth over $1,000 in no time. Not that you would get it all, but how kind of us to give Santa options. Now I'm lucky to find 5 things I really want. I don't remember ever writing Santa a letter when I was little, but if I were to send one now it would go something like this: "Dear Santa, I think you've known me my whole life so feel free to pick out whatever you think I'd like for Christmas". Isn't he magical or something? He should totally already know what I want. This would make my job easier. Sit back and wait for the perfect gift I didn't even think about asking for. Brilliant.

I think I'll break out the decorations today. Ya know, just in case the Mayan's were right and the world is ending. Might as well go out looking festive. But we're not putting up a tree. We threw away our fake tree a year or two ago because the cats climbed it one too many times and broke all the branches. We haven't replaced it. Putting up a real one is too messy, even though I prefer them to the plastic variety. Besides, we already know what we're getting each other so there probably won't be any wrapping this year. What's the point of a tree if there will be nothing to put under it? I'm ok without. On another note, what do you think about inflatable lawn decorations? My opinion: Tacky. I'm sorry if you like/have them, I think they're obnoxious. Even worse when they're deflated and laying in your yard like oversized garbage bags. To make things worse, they're expensive! I would never pop one, but I sure do think about it. I also don't care for the illuminated deer that may or may not move it's head. Maybe I'm a Grinch when it comes to outdoor decorations, but what's so wrong with keeping it simple with lights and maybe a wreath on the door? I don't want to have the house that Christmas vomited all over. Like this:

What are your thoughts on Christmas?

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